About Us

Molina, Tomaz Sociedade de Advogados has a multidisciplinary team of professionals and a legal staff comprising skilled attorneys with great knowledge and technical experience, infrastructure and technological innovations that allow clients to be promptly serviced with excellence.

The office offers top quality legal advisory services and corporate counseling, aiming at avoidinglawsuits and attaining better results for the clients’ businesses, which, along the years, turned the office into a reference in customized legal services.



Excellence and Technical Quality

Work focused on the ongoing improvement of the rendering of legal services with excellence and quality, through direct communication with the client, investments on updates and training and employing innovative tools, that make it easier and better to provide services.

Anticipating Risks

Law firm working towards the anticipation of legal risks through preventive legal advisory services, providing greater security to the decision-making process and planning of corporate businesses, reducing or eliminating losses arising from legal proceedings or lawsuits.

Customized, Innovative Solutions

Customization of legal paths based on each client’s business, introducing innovative solutions that ensure quick and safe decision-making processes.

Mission Statement, Vision and Values

To provide legal services at a great speed and with excellence, maximizing the advantages to the clients.

To rank among the best Brazilian law offices in the corporate services industry.

Ethics – our behavior reflects the highest ethic standards.

Quality Communication – our communication with the client is transparent, clear, accurate and extremely objective.

Great Team Work – we consistently work as a team, on a focused manner, with enthusiasm.

Results and Quality – our activities are performed with high quality standards, aiming at reaching interests and the best possible results for the client’s business.